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We partnered with top vendors to create grüvr Ticket Scout, which searches multiple brokerage exhanges for tickets at prices you want, watches prices for individual events, and sends out alerts if prices drop. We are the first to provide a this service and so far, the only ones who do.

You can even find tickets not yet on sale to the public - e.g. from owners of box seats or unused season tickets. We only accept ticket vendors who use licensed, accountable sellers and offer purchase guarantees.

About buying tickets through gruvr.com

  • Grüvr helps you find concert tickets by monitoring ticket exchanges to find the best deals. The tickets are usually from a reseller marketplace, meaning that prices can be higher or lower than the value printed on the ticket.

  • Grüvr provides several unique tools to help you time your purchase based on market trends. We believe we are the only ones offering these features:
  1. For events with over-supply (or insufficient demand), prices can drop drastically in the weeks before an event. You can enter your desired price to get email alerts when a new low price appears, or if we find discounts that will get you the tickets at the price you want. We are careful about your privacy - see our policy on email privacy here .
  • All vendors we include_once must require ticket sellers to be accountable, licensed brokers, provide live phone/email support, and offer refund satisfaction guarantees. Companies we include_once are also well financed by qualified investors, ensuring accountability and auditing. Maintaining this level of market integrity costs money, which is what fees cover.

  • After you find tickets using grüvr, you visit the vendor page to complete the secure online purchase. You pay the same as if you buy the ticket directly from the vendor. Grüvr makes a small commission from each service fee, which goes towards further development of our awesome concert-mapping site.

Ticket exchanges and suppliers offer different guarantees and policies, as covered in detail below. More details are found on the purchase payment pages, including contact info or email for each vendor. If you phone, always make sure to tell the representative that you are buying tickets on gruvr.com !

We are in the process of reviewing more vendors who meet our standards as explained above.

Ticket Vendor Information

Grüvr Tickets purchase support line: 800-460-4925
Make sure to tell the representative that you are buying tickets via gruvr.com !

Email for help purchasing tickets is ticketsupport [at] gruvr



Tickets Now, Inc.

Ticketmaster's broker exchange. Satisfaction 100% guaranteed

TicketMaster's licensed brokers exchange

Tickets Now, Inc. was bought by TicketMaster, Inc. for $265M in 2008 and became ticket master's main online marketplace for reselling tickets.

TicketsNow.com offers a safe, secure, and reliable online marketplace for ticket reselling. Each order is processed by a trained representative to insure superior service. Tickets Now requires all their brokers to be licensed and accountable, and they offer a 100% money-back guarantee - click below for details.

satisfaction 100% guaranteed

See the Techcrunch profile of TicketsNow here.

You can call TicketsNow at 800-927-2770
Always make sure to tell the representative that you are buying tickets on gruvr.com !




seatwave ticket exchange

Seatwave is an online marketplace where fans can buy and sell tickets and is the #1 such exchange in Europe. Seatwave offers two guarantees: Ticket Integrity and Ticket Cover, which ensure you will get tickets in time for the event and will get a refund if the event is cancelled.  

Seatwave lists tickets from the US and the EU, but tends to have the best deals for events in the UK, which is typically where their events listed on gruvr are located.


Seatwave recently obtained $17M in investment backing, and were chosen as the top tech media company for 2009 by the Guardian UK. See their Techcrunch profile here.



GetMeIn! LLC.

Get Me In! A Ticketmaster company covers the UK and EU market


GET ME IN! is a leading online ticket marketplace dedicated to live event tickets. The company is based in London and was launched in 2003. The partnership between Ticketmaster and GET ME IN! gives consumers greater choice and protection when purchasing tickets.  Get Me In! offers the FanGuard guarantee:


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